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The Collision of Two Worlds

Fusing the beat-poetics and street-preacher style of Boss, and the dark trip-hop sonics of Ghostie, Swords of I-Ching is an amalgam of various disciplines and approaches. At times a fusion of opposites, a synergistic pairing at others.

Bringing back the concept of "one producer, one emcee", Swords of I-Ching has a cohesiveness beyond typical modern urban music. While featuring a wide-range of styles, Swords of I-Ching is consistent in attitude and intent.

Their first album 1200 Pieces of People set the groundwork for their innovative and uncompromising musical philosophies, and their sophomore effort, Ten Minutes in Advance of the Truth, carved that credo in stone. Two brother swordsmen united in exploring conscious, stylish, and relevant music.

Watch the music video for Swords of I-Ching - Hourglass